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Welcome to RIMN

In 2021, we launched a swimwear brand ‘RIMN’. We have an ambition to cultivate timeless and elegant swimwear. Our swimwear is designed in Hong Kong while crafted in Taiwan, which is renowned for creating high-quality swimwear. The brand name, RIMN is an imitation of a small wave when it is written in cursive and small letters. We hope our customers can be led to the right place through RIMN as if the wave will always take people to where they need to go.

We understand that women often encounter trouble finding suitable swimwear because of our small chest sizes and thin body frames. Then, we set out to design and create swimwear that is friendly to our body types. We hope that women find themselves more confident with their bodies when they are in the right swimwear. Therefore, we developed our first-ever swimwear label — RIMN.

Every body shape is beautiful as its own. We hope to empower women to be more comfortable with their bodies. This is the reason why we created this brand. With swimwear particularly designed for small-chested and thin women, we hope our swimwear can be your confidence booster. We look forward to adding a new definition of beauty to this world.

As ocean lovers, we care so much for the environment. Therefore, we try hard to make conscious decisions in our fabrication. We select ECONYL® as our fabric. ECONYL® is made of various recovered materials while it demonstrates outstanding fabric features. We recognise that what we have done will never be enough. However, we are committed to contributing more to sustainability in this multifaceted industry in the future.

Join us now on the journey of making the world a better place — Christy & Mandy ♥

Top Vista Development Co Ltd.

Contact Us:

Tel: (852) 2153 0631

Email: contact@rimn.hk

Address: Room 3006 30/F, Prosperity CTR, 25 Chong Yip ST, Kwun Tong, KLN